7 Lesser known facts about Kill II This

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With one week to go until we host reformed industrial metallers Kill II This in Dundee, we’ve dug into their bag of dirty secrets to bring you seven trivia points you might not be aware of. It’s just a bit of fun, but you may find it entertaining, enlightening, or both. They’re a surprising bunch!

1 – Before joining Kill II This, current vocalist Simon Gordon performed frontman duties with classic UK thrashers Xentrix, over the cycle of their Scourge album.

2 – Kill II This guitarist Mark Mynett holds a Phd in Heavy Metal Music Production, and even had a technical manual published on the subject. He is also a senior lecturer in Music Technology and Production at The University of Huddersfield. Fancy learning sound engineering from Dr Rock?

3 – Drummer Jeff Singer (not singer Jeff Drummer) has also played for both Blaze Bayley and gothic metal overlords Paradise Lost.

4 – The band were very nearly kicked off a European tour in support of US heavyweights Machine Head, when Mark snuck up on Phil Demmel, resting his testicles on Demmel’s shoulder. Their slot was only saved by the good nature of MH frontman Rob Flynn, who thankfully saw the funny side, and cried with laughter. Touring can be nuts.

5 – On their 2001 album Trinity, Kill II This included a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 2 Tribes. Backing vocals on the track were provided by none other than Fear Factory’s Burton C Bell.

6 – Last year, Jeff Singer broke his back. In keeping with the band’s  industrial edge, he has since returned to active service as a cyborg. Skynet is now in your music…

7A New Spiritual Mountain was all set to be the title of the band’s fifth studio effort, but was released under new project City Of God, featuring Dearly Beheaded bassist Tim Preston.


Catch Kill II This live at Lyrics in Dundee, with Divine Chaos, Burning The Dream, Dirty Judas, Tusk, and Bloodshot. Entry £10, ages 18+, from 5:30 pm, Saturday November 12th 2016

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