Allegaeon – Apoptosis (album)

Release date: 19th April 2019 || Genre: Melodic Death Metal || Label: Metal Blade

When it comes to technical metal, I’ve always found the most pleasurable listens are those which ease off the gas from time to time, and let the music breathe. It delivers more impact when the full virtuosity of a band is brought to bear. Constantly shredding just doesn’t feel as impressive without the counter point of simplicity, and knowing when it’s time to just rock the fuck out. Allegaeon‘s latest output, Apoptosis, has managed to put this approach to very good use. There are stacks upon stacks of mind-boggling complexities, but they sit at the same table as some straight-up whiplash fodder. They even close out on a colossal melo-death epic, with barely a sweep picking in sight.

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This band have had this element to their sound from the very early beginnings, but here there seems to be more diversity, and a natural flair which indicates a fresh bloom in their development. Indeed, guitarist Michael Stancel, says they were “more open to new ideas that we might not have used in the past“. Strangely, stepping away from the need to stick to what they may have conceived the band identity to be has resulted in a much more distinguished character. Just as third album, Elements Of The Infinite, marked a new stage for Allegaeon, this is yet another monolithic stepping stone.

If this turns out to be the pinnacle of their recorded careers, there’d be absolutely no shame in that. However, it has made me more interested in them than ever before. I’d be keen for further output, and I can imagine other necks snapping to attention when hearing this album.

Grade: A

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