Amulet – The Inevitable War (album)

Release date: 17th May 2019 || Genre: Classic metal || Label: Dissonance Productions

If you can’t get enough of that proper, classic metal sound, Amulet is a band you need in your life. The riffs, rhythms, production, and power are all exactly what it was all about in the early days of the original “new wave of British heavy metal”. Yeah, a lot of bands try this. A lot of bands fail it, too. These guys are 100% living every note. Being an inextricably old school British sound, there’s no getting away from some comparisons to the biggest of the big boys in that sphere, Iron Maiden. I’d challenge anyone to get more than a few seconds into any of these tracks without hitting an “oh right” moment of agreement.

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However, this isn’t a copycat act. Amulet have developed a distinguished character via the smooth application of other influences. Tapping more rock oriented artists such as Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple, as well as US proto-thrash as heard on Kill Em All, gives the impression of being involved in the roots and the progression of their musical idiom. Those have heard their first album, The First, will already have some idea of what is meant here. The genuine traditional atmosphere is continued from that release, but the essence in The Inevitable War is stronger and more confident.

If, as the saying goes, “talent borrows, genius steals”, well then, Amulet have stolen the 1970s, and a good part of the early 1980s, too. It may not be new, but it has all the style and panache of the originals to hook a true believer on first spin. Horns, beers, and bespiked gloves aloft, please!

Grade: A

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