Astrophe – Limerence (Demo/EP)

Release date:  2017 || Genre: Alternative rock || Label: Self-released

Punk’s not dead. Metal’s not dead. Apparently, grunge is also alive and kicking! Having recently seen Astrophe live at Smashed @ The Tams in Perth, it’s safe to say that the likes of Alice In Chains and Hole are likely going to be pulled in as partial comparisons by the average listener to their debut release Limerence. There is certainly something raw about the construction of the tracks herein, reminiscent of some smaller acts of the original grunge/alt rock movement, such as Die Monster Die (not the horrorpunk band of the same name), Pond, or even Wire Train (yes, the US take on The Cure). The songwriting, however, doesn’t suffer greatly from over-attachment to the audio aesthetics of that moment in time and culture. The band as a whole seem more than capable of diversifying from the root.

As with her previous band, The Paradigm Complex, vocalist Alex Pawlitka’s strange Polish/Scottish cross-breed accent really adds something special to the mix. It’s another level in a temple to shoe-gazing, British alternative, and fuzzy, 1990s Americana. Which works perfectly in modernising their sound. Production wise, this would likely be helped along with a bigger budget, which is not necessarily something always hailed as a positive round these parts. It’s easy to hear how massive this could be, if recorded in a high-end studio, but financial restrictions are a reality most new bands have to face, and this release is two thirds ‘demo’ material.

Incredibly promising, and harmonically touching, this is a great first step for a band who have the potential to make a proper mark, and win the hearts of an army of devoted fans.


Grade: B+

Slow Dragon

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