Billy Clubs – Strange Driving (EP)

Release date: 17th April 2020||Genre: Punkcore||Label: Self-released

Big punk influence meets old school, alternative metal, hard rock, and hardcore, in Strange Driving, the second EP from raw punk brigade, Billy Clubs. Honestly, there are a million little pinpoints to be heard in the BC tapestry, not all of which the band may agree with. The Buzzcocks, Wednesday 13, Nirvana, The Wildhearts, Black Sabbath. Megadeth..? Pantera….?

Wherever they’re actually coming from, the final destination is something else. It has been a while since I’ve heard an album approached the way this has been. There’s no “one presentation for all songs”. Each track has been created as its own entity, much like the huge classics from before digital media decimated the record industry. Add to that fat, raucous, bluesy solos, stomping riffs, a mountain of choruses, and the urge to shout along and jump about becomes very hard to resist. Their genuine rock n roll spirit, relentless energy, and accessibility to heavy ears will almost certainly make this band a tempting prospect for a whole lot of people.

I think we can all agree things could do with an up beat just now, and, Billy Clubs provide that in spades. It’s not quite metal. It’s not quite hardcore. For the main part, though, it’s too heavy to fit many other genre tags. Basically, it’s a masterclass in making a very fun album, without having to get silly.

Grade: A+

Slow Dragon

(***warning: video below contains images which may be a bit naughty for some readers***)


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