Blood Thread

Worshipping, for the main part, at the gallows-altar of death metal in all its inglorious forms, BloodThread are far from shy about hacking some choice cuts from the carcass of hardcore or the bloated, walking corpse of modern extremity. Gaining some traction on the live front after the release of The Tolerance Is Over, they have spread out, not only across Scotland, hitting 2016’s Hordes Of Belail in Dundee, but also across the Irish Sea to perform at Belfast’s Distortionfest and the legendary Siege Of Limerick. With a new EP also in the works for 2017, it looks like, one way or another, BloodThread are coming to get you!

Location: Glasgow

Genre: Death metal

Tony Mitchell – vocals/guitars

Peter Wall – guitars

Chris Mancini – bass

Dikie – drums

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Era Of Corruption (EP): May 2017

The Tolerance Is Over (EP): August 2013


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