Carl Davis – Krysthla & Hordes X (interview)

To most of you, our minor obsession with Northamptonshire’s Krysthla will be no surprise. You might have seen them at Hell On Perth, Slaughterpit, or even last year at the final Hordes Of Belial. You’ll likewise have been unshocked by our decision to invite them back to headline the debut of Hordes X. However, if you’re a fresh inductee into their sound, bassist Carl Davis is here to give fair warning of what’s coming at you:

Carl Davis: There will be extreme heaviness! We’ve got a lot of the fan favourites in the set, backed up with new material from our latest release, Worldwide Negative.

That may seem brief, but it’s hard to imagine anyone with their finger on the metal pulse would need more, after this band had the experience of opening up the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock this year.

CD: In short, it was fantastic. Bloodstock has been the bedrock of the heavier end of the UK scene for many years now, and to be given the chance to open the Ronnie James Dio main stage really was an honour. The crowd was massive, and the reaction was magnificent! Hopefully it won’t be our last time up there.


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Their releases over the years naturally played a part in this, and with Worldwide Negative, they have matched such opportunities with developing their recorded sound, which has been very well received.

CD: There had to be a progression, obviously, and we think we achieved that pretty well. It’s basically a snapshot of where Krysthla is right now, and we’ve expanded on a lot of different elements. Obviously it’s still crushingly heavy, fast, slow, technical, groovy; all the stuff you’d expect from a Krysthla record, but we like to think we’ve expanded on all those elements this time. We’ve thrown in some clean vocals from Neil, too, on this one, and as you say, the reaction has been amazing.

This is balanced by a furiously intense live show, which, when pressed, the five-stringer finds it impossible to set preference of one over the other.

CD: Really, both are just as important. It’s not possible to have a great live show without first having the songs, and similarly, you need that quality in the studio too. Neil always squeezes the best possible performance out of each of us in the studio. We then try to be as faithful as we can to the original recordings in our live set, and that seems to come across from the feedback that we get. We do rehearse hard to get everything just right, though. The live show kind of takes care of itself from there. We know we are well drilled, and when we get up on stage, we can just get into the tracks, enjoy it, and the performance really follows naturally. It’s the benefit of performing music that we really believe in, we end up throwing down as hard as the crowd just because we are enjoying it so much.

So, with the Dundee showcase racing up, there’s plenty of excitment in the air, and, from the sounds of it, loads more to come.

CD: It’s our first headline show at a Hordes, so we are really looking forward to it. We’ve got plenty of tracks from the new album lined up, so there’s going to be a different feel to the set, even if some people have seen us before. We are hitting the road over the next few months in support of the new album, and we’ve got some great shows lined up. We’ve also got plenty bubbling under that we can’t quite talk about yet, so watch this space!

Venue: Beat Generator Live, North Lindsay St., Dundee
Artists: Krysthla, Bloodyard, Dog Tired, Ramage Inc., Threshold Sicks, Seed Of Sorrow, Dominicide, The Starry Wisdom Cult, Evil Blood, Catalysis,Volcano X, Darkness Divine, Melted Messiah
Promoter: Slow Dragon Music
Doors: 3:20pm
Entry: £10 (no booking fee)
Ages: 14+
Tickets available from wegottickets
Tee shirts by pre-order only! For pick up at event! Email 

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