Catalysis – Connection Lost (album)

Release date: 24th July 2020||Genre: Metal||Label: Self-released

It was always clear what the aim for Catalysis was, in terms of both sound and songwriting; properly heavy, yet accessible music. So, it’s great to report that they have nailed that goal on their first full length, Connection Lost.

Having followed this band from the beginning, I feel I have a grass roots understanding of how they’ve put everything together, and I can only imagine them being very happy with the final product. When Col Macgregor stepped up to vocal duties, that was a point of revelation in tracks such as Nothing Left. The same can be said of the first track available from this album, Conquer And Devour.

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However, the full album opens up to a wider picture. The foundation is mid-paced metal with a superb voice throughout, somewhere along the lines of Hatebreed meets Machine Head. The Devil is in the details, though (or the panic room, in this case). With tastefully applied, melodic backing vocals, almost classic rock solos, and some obscenely heavy, discordant chugging, there’s a lot more character to the larger composition than some contemporaries. There’s even some, well, not rap, so much as syncopated poetry, which, on paper shouldn’t work, but it absolutely does. These infrequent little tweaks of imagination and experimentation are definitely an argument for listening to an album as a whole. Combined with a rather tasty production, this deserves to get some attention.

This is a good, solid metal album, but in a widely covered sub-style of the genre, it’s the extra thought and special features which push it up to the next level for me.

Grade: A-

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