Bob Fest First Blood Pt 13

Complete BOB FEST line-up announced with Luke James interview

The Edinburgh metal scene has had its ups and downs in recent years, not least of all with the closure of iconic venue Studio 24. Now, however, it seems to be in rude health, with a multitude of well-attended underground events taking place (see our recent Bevvy Scotland review). One of the main new homes […]

Coke Finlay - Virus

Virus – Coke Finlay

Recently we posted a retrospective review in light of 2018 being the 30th anniversary of Virus‘ classic album Force Recon. We’re also hosting their first live date of to celebrate this at Smashed Fest. For the hat-trick, we now have a one-on-one interview with the man at the heart of the band, Coke Finlay. It […]

Underground In Prydain

Ahead Of The Herd

Originally published December 29th 2015: It has been quite a while since a subject grabbed enough attention to draw an article out of Underground In Prydain. Last time, we posted an overview article on the opinions and issues surrounding PR for underground bands. Some PR campaigns at lower levels can be truly amazing in their […]

Underground In Prydain

Hedged bets and clever spreads

Originally published September 10th 2014: In the last post Underground In Prydain discussed the relevance of physical releasing to the unsigned artist. Is it worth forking out more to reach a wider audience after the initial costs of getting your music recorded? There are so many ways in which to invest your funds, with no […]

Underground In Prydain

Goes around, comes around

Originally published July 01st 2014: As stated in the last article, UP has been scouring around the ol’ interwebs in search of some interesting underground stories relating to ‘off-stage audience interaction’ (the word ‘fan’ has been seeming a little odd of late). One band that keeps popping up again and again in a positive way, […]