Hordes Of Belial announce Certain Death for 7th outing headliners

Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell, set to take place October 1st 2016, has officially announced Fife party mentalists Certain Death for top slot. Formerly operating under the moniker of Drive By Audio, they have since returned to their original name, assaulting the music world with renewed vigour. Featuring former members of The Real Mackenzies, […]

SLAUGHTERPIT returns: All dates in place

SLAUGHTERPIT returns: All dates in place March 28, 2016Hordes Of Belial’s SLAUGHTERPIT is back this week, with a whole new pack of guitar toting maniacs to assault your eardrums! On April 2nd, the second of the warm-up shows for Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell will be upon us, featuring the fantastic talents of […]

The Love! 11/03/16

The Love! 11/03/16 March 12, 2016 Ok, let’s try an experiment. Critical Events is planning to share some things we love, just because we do! It’s that simple! This is The Love – Share The Love…  Sumer – The Animal You Are


Hordes Of Belial’s SLAUGHTERPIT is about to kick off, starting the ball rolling for a series of warm-up shows for the main events on October 1st. At the helm of the first SLAUGHTERPIT show are Preston’s All Consumed, returning after a triumphant reception at Hordes Of Belial – The 6th Verse in September 2015. Support […]