Slaughterpit 2017

Slaughterpit 2017: First band announcements

Six months from now, Hordes Of Belial’s Slaughterpit will return as a one-off, two stage event. While running around half the number of bands which appear at Hordes Of Belial itself, it is intended as a sister event, sitting near the start of the UK’s festival season, with HOB towards the end. To kick off […]

Kill II This

7 Lesser known facts about Kill II This

With one week to go until we host reformed industrial metallers Kill II This in Dundee, we’ve dug into their bag of dirty secrets to bring you seven trivia points you might not be aware of. It’s just a bit of fun, but you may find it entertaining, enlightening, or both. They’re a surprising bunch! […]

Kill II This

Collaborative abomination

Our November 12th Slaughterpit cool down show will no longer be taking place at Beat Generator Live. Because we’ve joined forces with another operation to bring you one almighty night of neck-wrecking metal! Having recently heard from a fellow Dundee promoter Rage Live (DJ Zero) that they would be hosting none other than turn-of-the-century industrial […]

Hordes Of Belial – 7 and Hell: The Album

Last year for Hordes Of Belial – The 6th Verse, we tried an experiment. We got together as many tracks as we could from the bands who were playing last year, and complied them together into one digital pay-what-you-want album. For 7 And Hell, we’re doing it again! This time around, not only do we […]

The Final Five For Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell

The line-up for Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell is now complete, and what a mountain of underground glory it truly is! First up, from Inverness, we have Seed Of Sorrow, this year’s winners of the most northern heats of Bloodstock Open Air’s Metal To The Masses competition. When Terrorizer magazine says a band’s […]