Seed Of Sorrow 3

Seed Of Sorrow prepare to unleash World Impaled

Prepare to be impaled… Seed Of Sorrow‘s follow up to 2013’s Vice Like Grip is finally on its way! World Impaled represents the Inverness extremists at their very finest, achieving that most elusive of goals, to capture the live essence of a band who are most at home on stage! At some moments blindingly, technically […]

Slaughterpit 2017

Slaughterpit 2017 in 7 videos

With our first two stage Slaughterpit just around the corner, we decided we wanted to make sure you were all a bit more familiar with the seven fantastic acts we’ve got lined up for the event. Every band was picked specifically to offer a different interpretation of what is heaviest on the UK underground. There will […]


Drekavac release The Ashes Of The Tyrant

Aberdeen’s black metal artists Drekavac have just unleashed their first recording since 2014’s Incipit Demonas Pandorum. The five track EP, titled The Ashes Of The Tyrant, brings together elements from throughout the history of black metal, from current idioms to classic attitude. In vocalist Hyperion’s own words ‘We’re not interested in rehashing a decades old […]

Hordes Of Belial - The Burning H8

The Hordes amass! First 7 bands for The Burning H8!

The time has come yet again, dear friends, to let you in on the first wave of the bands who will be unleashing holy metal hell on the fine city of Dundee at Hordes Of Belial! Welcome to The Burning H8! If the title of this year’s HOB didn’t give it away for you, this […]

Blood Thread announce upcoming EP

Blood Thread enter Era Of Corruption with upcoming EP

Glaswegian masters of death, Blood Thread, have just announced they will be releasing a new EP in early May 2017. The four track release is to be titled Era Of Corruption, running with the following listing; 1- Extractor of Innocence 2- ….for I Am the Butcher 3- Castrating Those to Which You Bleed 4- The […]