Centrilia – In The Name Of Nothing (album)

Release date: 28th June 2019 || Genre: Metal || Label: 233 Records

It’s strange to think this is Centrilia – four straight up guys from Glasgow, with a simple passion for metal. It feels so ‘global’. I guess that’s what can happen when you throw everything you possibly can at a release. There’s more to it, however, than simply drafting in Terry Date (Pantera, Slayer), Pelle Henricsson (Meshuggah, Cult of Luna), and Steven Jones (Bleed from Within, From Sorrow to Serenity) to mix, master, and record.  They have also brought their music up to the level where, although every beat is immovably locked in, you can feel that they are ‘playing’ it rather than just… playing it. That makes them sound a much bigger band than before.

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In songwriting stakes, previous EPs (You Are In Error and Memento Mori) were both impressive introductions, but In The Name Of Nothing definitely has a big edge on both of them. While they retain their original tension, Centrilia have pulled out an abundance of aces for their debut long-player. Maybe having more time on an album has just allowed them to shuffle the deck a bit. There aren’t any entirely alien aspects, but it is highly enjoyable to hear, for example, more indulgence given over to (somewhat diverse) clean vocals, and riffs which grow throughout the songs. The title track is a great example of both. These are only two obvious shifts, though, and you really have to listen to the whole album to appreciate how much they have put into developing a fully rounded recording.

The culmination of six years in existence for this Scottish group, ITNON is bank vault tight, and piles grooves on top of grooves, carved with intriguing features throughout. It seems it was worth the wait. If you love bands like Lamb Of God and Decapitated, this is absolutely going to be your bag, but it’s no mere copycat release.

Grade: A

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