Collibus – Trusting The Illusion (album)

Release date: 28th February 2018 || Genre: Prog metal || Label: No Dust Records

Manchester based Collibus have really pulled out all the stops on this monstrous release. From the moment What We’ve All Become kicks in, you know you’ve cracked the seal on something beyond the usual. And as with all things musically strange, the reference points come from several distinct spheres. Very loose comparisons to the likes of Xerath can be found, but so the same can be said for Fear Factory and In Flames. Later tracks delve into the more operatic territory of Conception meets the Devin Townsend Project.

However, it would be entirely unfair to say that Collibus haven’t claimed the cumulative aura as something individual, and perfectly their own. Stephen Platt‘s omniscient grasp of technical leads, which grow their own simplified breathing spaces, is fascinating. There aren’t too many players out there who can bring Petrucci and May to the table, and serve up their own signature sound. Gemma Fox‘s vocals also push Collibus’ personal blend. Ranging from char-grilled snarl, to husky croon, to angelic backing, this is where hard rock grinds against metal, the power and subtlety book-ending a broad, impressive talent.

Small slices of genius further scatter the album, such as supplementing Fear Of The Fall‘s already globe straddling massiveness with choral rock vocals straight from Flash Gordon. Even ballad Give Into Me (and let’s face it, a lot of ballads are cack) is a worthy inclusion; a stripped down piano-and-vocal masterclass, pulling decisively at the heart-strings. Trusting The Illusion is a very well rounded album, full of easily discernible tracks, something which can be missing on modern releases. More than that, each and every song is at the top of its game, making this a stunning collection for any admirer of heavy music.


Grade: A+

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