Craig Law – Dominicide & Hordes X (interview)

Glasgow’s Dominicide have been ones to watch for a while, now, but in the last couple of years, they’ve really kicked things up a gear. Previously describing themselves as a cross between thrash and metalcore, they pretty much blew us away with their eponymous 2017 EP. Here, guitarist, Craig Law, tells us how he thinks their sound fits into either or both of those genres.

CL: The EP dips it’s toe in and out of a lot of subgenres, but we are certainly more thrash than metalcore. In the EP we take the breakdowns, and melodic phrases from metalcore, but thrash is the rigid backbone of the songs. The new stuff we’re cranking out still has that thrashy back bone, but is just next level.

That sound has secured them some tasty support slots, including Savage Messiah and Jinjer. Are there any specific bands they would realistically set their sights on playing with at present?

CL: We don’t ordinarily set our sights on support slots but we don’t pass up great opportunities to play on strong lineups, as we have this year, with Savage Messiah, Godeater, Centrilia.


We could be hearing the new sound he discusses on record soon, as there have been mutterings about an album this year. What’s the update on that front?

CL: It is coming, slowly but surely, is the answer. We want to make sure the next thing you hear is the best we can do. We’ve had lineup setbacks that have certainly not helped, but me and Louis (Chesters – Satiracy) on guitar are nailing down some very strong songs.

Aside from playing metal, Craig also runs Goddamned Promotions, which seems to be rapidly picking up speed. We had to inquire what told him there was a gap to be filled in the Glasgow scene

CL: Just what I had observed as a musician and student. Goddamned Promotions started as a uni project, and, during my marketing research, I found there were few decent opportunities for bands at the lower to medium stage in metal/alternative music. And since I decided to pursue being a promoter at the very end of 2018, the gigs have well and truly flooded in.


This somehow being their Hordes debut, it seems this band are planning to stamp their mark of ownership on the event, and spring forward into fresh things.

CL: We’ll be debuting a new track, “Empowered.” Expect thrash, expect outrageous solos, and maybe some blood. Out with the old songs and in with the new. That’s the next step.

First, first, and forward!!!

Venue: Beat Generator Live, North Lindsay St., Dundee
Artists: Krysthla, Bloodyard, Dog Tired, Ramage Inc., Threshold Sicks, Seed Of Sorrow, Dominicide, The Starry Wisdom Cult, Evil Blood, Catalysis,Volcano X, Darkness Divine, Melted Messiah
Promoter: Slow Dragon Music
Doors: 3:20pm
Entry: £10 (no booking fee)
Ages: 14+
Tickets available from wegottickets
Tee shirts by pre-order only! For pick up at event! Email 

See also the Hordes X Outreach programme:

Venue: Nice ‘N’ Sleazy, Sauchiehall St., Glasgow
Artists: Krysthla, Dominicide, Centrilia, Burning The Dream
Promoter: Goddamned Promotions
Doors: 7pm
Entry: £8 (STBF)
Ages: 18+
Tickets available from Tickets Scotland

Venue: Monty’s Bar, Guildhall St., Dunfermline
Artists: Bloodyard, Melted Messiah, Nadé
Promoter: Noise Night
Doors: 8pm
Entry: Free
Ages: 18+

Venue: The Market Bar, Church St., Inverness
Artists: Krysthla, Seed Of Sorrow
Promoter: N/A
Doors: 10pm
Entry: Free
Ages: 18+


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