Darkness Divine – Prelude (EP)

Release date: 07th September 2018 || Genre: Metal || Label: Self-released

Glasgow’s Darkness Divine are certainly dedicated, at their core, to an old school kind of hair/sleaze rock/metal on their Prelude EP (at this length it could possibly be considered an album). There are peaks and valleys throughout, depending on personal preference, but opener, Digression, in my mind, is utterly steeped in Phantom Blue at their most driving. It’s a strong first foot forward.

Many of the following tracks are dragged a little further forward in time. The riffing and drumming still hark back to the golden age of British heavy metal, but as a whole, give away the secret that this is a band who grew up in the death throes of decent TV music channels. There is a great deal of cross-generational influence injected here. It’d be hard for any life long rock and metal fan not to love the character of the guitar leads, or the powerful diversity displayed in the vocals. DD have gone to town creating well developed, memorable tracks, with consistent energy.

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For me, lesser of the seven numbers here-in is Misconstrued. Not that it isn’t a good song. I’ve simply never been a massive fan of (power?) ballads (unless we start talking about Skid Row…), and I just feel much more moved by the rest of their music. Maybe anticipating this, they follow up with the “old one-two” of Hyde, swinging in with a touch of southern rock, and a chorus to die for, knocking the listener back into place.

While the release closes with an even lighter track in Swansong, it feels somehow more fitting and complete, albeit far shorter. It is a nice closing statement, but even so, I’m still hungry for their harder stuff. As the saying goes, though, “always leave them wanting more”, and I’d be very happy to cram more of this into my ears.


Grade: A-

Slow Dragon


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