Dave Macgregor – Looking For A Place Called Home (album)

Release date: 15th May 2020||Genre: World guitar/jazz||Label: World Jazz Records

Looking For A Place Called Home is, simply put, a fully instrumental, solo album. It’s somewhat of an indulgence for fans of all things guitar. If you’re one of those whole are in a deeply involved relationship with this particular stringed instrument, you really should check it out.

The writing process has taken flavours from David Macgregor‘s musical adventures around the world. From Holland to Virginia, Mexico to Paris, he’s made great effort to let his imagination soak up influence from his surroundings. I’ll be honest, I’m not familiar enough with world music to grasp all of this immediately, so part of the initial effect is a little lost on me. If you didn’t know this, though, I don’t think it would take much away from the enjoyment of listening.

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I do think, however, more is gained from digging deeper into the background story of each track, though, which is thankfully provided along with the album. One of the easiest for me to pick up on was the hard twang and rock flourishes of the Edinburgh metal scene, hiding at the back of Resonance. This is where I originally know Dave’s work from, shredding away in the long defunct Aorta. He has certainly carried over his virtuosity from that outfit.

This is a very warm, relaxing piece of work, created by someone with strong vision, and a full understanding of their instrument and all it is capable of. I can’t help loving that. Subtly complex, with great tone, you might think this describes a fine wine, and, to be honest, the two would go together very well. Why not pour a glass, put your feet up, and give it a spin.

Grade: A-

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