Deified – Anthrobscene (EP)

Release date: 29th May 2020||Genre: Groove metal||Label: Self released

Some five years after winning their local Metal 2 The Masses, Deified are back with their third EP, Anthrobscene. At eight tracks, it could be argued that it’s actually an album, but I’m not arguing. Whichever it is, it fills the time well, running the gamut of engaging riffs, and monstrous hooks.

Kicking off, you might think you’re about to hear new material from Kill II This, then, maybe, Lamb Of God. It is on the same level, but this lot don’t get tied down in specific idioms. These songs are very much alive, from start to finish. Simplicity is employed when necessary, and knowing when to just rock the fuck out has always been a big tick on my list.

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However, the full band comes together often, to wrestle some rather complex, yet smooth passages. The most exciting part of this is that it is performed seamlessly. The vocal songwriting aspect has also been approached with enough diversity to match the musical backdrop. It has been played, not just churned out, and it’s really enjoyable to feel the character oozing out of Jamie Hughes.

On surface inspection, this is an instantly emotive release, full of well produced, semi-extreme metal. A deeper look gives an enriched experience into a sound which demands to be expanded into a second full-length. Keep this up, and Deified they could well be!

Grade: A+ (Unofficial band of the month!)
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