Disposable – Suffocator (album)

Release date: 28th April 2019 || Genre: Thrash/metal || Label: Self-released

Holy face-melting fuck! Disposable have well and truly cracked open a huge can of “how’s that for a raised bar?” on this release! From solos stacked with huge character to organically human time shifts. From the heart-shuddering energy to the world-class, yet ragged-edged production throughout. As an overall first impression, I am finding it impossible to discern anything at all negative.

The collation of fairly diverse songwriting here is truly exemplary. Tastefully and sparingly applied to the master sound of modern thrash, you can find some well placed clean vocal lines, a beat-down or two, US style shout-alongs, the pedal of British old school, and the rattle of blackened crust. That’s not to mention the twists of pure genius they seem to have pulled out of thin air. Every moment of each song is fully natural, memorable, and well-matured.

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Five years ago, Disposable’s first album, At The Foot Of The World, put them on the map. It was, however, fairly straightforward by comparison. Great writing, and tangible enthusiasm, yes, but it was a more simple outing. This is significantly more developed.

It’s no false compliment to say Suffocator is an exciting album, not just to listen to, but in terms of what is possible for an underground thrash band to achieve. This is honestly one of the best releases this year so far, and I think we’ll be hard pressed to find anything definitively better this month! Get it in your metal-loving ears right this second!

Grade: A+ with distinction

Slow Dragon

Catch Disposable live, tonight (20/04/19) at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, for their Suffocator album launch

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