Dog Tired – The Electric Abyss (album)

Release date: 07th September 2019 || Genre: Metal || Label: Self-released

The Electric Abyss, the fourth album from Scottish metallers, Dog Tired, is a massive step in progression for the four piece. Although I have known this band since their very early days, even that pre-informed position offered little shelter from the onslaught to come.

The sprawling malevolence spewing forth from the headphones bears little resemblance to the groove metal of their opening gambit, Dead Head Rebel. True, the cavernous doom of the introductory tracks was given a nudge and a wink on It Came From The Sun, but even that platter didn’t delve down to the depths of sludgy heaviness plumbed herein. The huge, spacious mix applied to the vocals has left a lot of room to build up a mountainous guitar tone, the end result for the whole recording being a new stage of professionalism.

After melodic mid-point marker, Aeon, a more familiar atmosphere returns. It is hard to tell if each half of the album was intended to serve different purposes, but the effect is to remind listeners who is putting this immense noise in their ears. The pace picks up noticeably, and guitar led intricacies are expanded. The sepulchral chant of the echoing vocals remains constant, though, tying together a consistent character.

TEA is simply a massive sounding record, which should grab the attention of new DT fans, while still maintaining connection with their life-long followers. It has certainly surpassed expectations. Audacious, monumental, and fresh. Prepare to be electrified!

Grade: A+

Slow Dragon

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