Dragon Fire: Hate, Alien Weaponry, 1914, plus more

Dragon Fire is Slow Dragon Music’s brief news round-up, filled with chunks of fleshy goodness.

What a crazy month! There’s lots happening, both here, involving a ten tonne hammer’s worth of live announcements, and with others around the world. Hang on to your harness; this could get wild!

Details have been released of Auric Gates Of Veles, the upcoming album from Hate. From among its content, they have unleashed the single, Sovereign Sanctity, which can be heard on the Metal Blade website.  After delving into a more blackened sound in recent years, they have pulled back to their death metal roots on this release, but still maintain a dark ambiance.

Australian melodic hard rock artist, Edan H (Edan Hoy of Back To Eden), has released a single and lyric video, Down In Flames. You can download the single for free from his own website.


Approximately 10,000 years after any new material emerged from the Tool camp, we now have not one, but two fresh songs captured on video at live performances; Descending and Invincible. being caught on phone by members of the audience, the sound quality isn’t fantastic, but it’s nice to know music is developing!

1914 have released a new video for C’est Mon Dernier Pigeon, taken from last year’s album, The Blind Leading The Blind. Widely hailed as their breakthrough full-length, it came out on the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1, a subject instrumental to the band’s existence.


Label mates, Samael, also loosed a new video upon the masses with Hegemony, the title track from their latest album. This marks the start of their twelve date European tour, which includes a stop at the Underworld in London.


Bloodstock Open Air has a drive on to be greener than ever before! Their plan involves branded, recyclable cups, recycling points around the site, only biodegradable cutlery and packaging from all food traders, a push against single-use tents, and, of course, their continued partnership with Big Green Coach. If you really don’t want to take your camping gear back with you, it can be donated to the on-site Fat Franks shop, which gets you entered into a competition to win tickets for next year! 

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A new video emerged last month from South American thrash maniacs, Nervosa. Taking on a more fan-related live atmosphere, this one is for the track Raise Your Fist. If you haven’t listened or watched yet, do yourself a favour and get it done!


Danes, Aphyxion, have just unleashed their brand new slab of melodic death metal, Void. You can bag a copy on CD or vinyl from their website, or stream it on all major services.

Old schoolers, Tanith, have gone public with details of their upcoming debut album. To be titled In Another Time, it will be released May 24th via Metal Blade Records, with a plethora of pre-order formats currently available. Get a preview of the Citadel track over on the label’s website.


Everybody loves a jigsaw from time to time, right? Well, if you also love classic metal releases, Zee Productions have now got you covered for bringing these two passions together! With three classic album cover designs each from Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slayer, and Judas Priest, these Rocksaws are available to buy now, at this link.

If you like the thought of just two people churning out so much chaotic math-grind the could melt your noodle at any second, then just wrap Pound‘s recent video around you facial senses. This track is titled x_–_+_–_x_–.+_–_x_–+_– (please don’t ask us how to pronounce it…), from the album whose name seems to be denoted solely by two dots…


Continues below…

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Over at Season Of Mist, there’s a different kind of madness to sample. The label have made Woe Betide You, the new album from Lice, fully available to stream on YouTube. Don’t be tricked into thinking this is some pretty music by the first track. It is utterly dark and depraved, and feels… slightly wrong… And we love it!!!


John Arch and Jim Matheos now have a new album for sale, as well as a video for their haunting track, Tethered. Have a spin below, and you’ll see how fitting the title Winter Ethereal may be.


The march of Alien Weaponry continues across the US and Europe, as they have just launched a huge touring schedule. They marked the occasion with a new video for Ahi Kā, which centres around the terrible treatment of natives in preparation for a 1952 visit from the British Queen.


North American Headlining Tour
11.05.2019 US – Rockingham, NC / Epicenter*
12.05.2019 US – Washington, DC / DC9
13.05.2019 US – Boston, MA / Middle East
15.05.2019 US – New York, NY / Saint Vitus
16.05.2019 US – Montreal, QC / L’Esco
17.05.2019 US – Toronto, ON / Velvet Underground
19.05.2019 US – Chicago, IL / Chicago Open Air*
22.05.2019 US – Minneapolis, MN / 7th St Entry
24.05.2019 US – Pryor, OK / Rocklahoma*
26.05.2019 US – Denver, CO / Bluebird Theater
28.05.2019 US – San Francisco, CA / Bottom of the Hill
29.05.2019 US – Los Angeles, CA / The Roxy
07.06.2019 DE – Berlin / Musik & Frieden
08.06.2019 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp
10.06.2019 UK – Cardiff / Fuel Rock Club
11.06.2019 UK – Bristol / The Exchange
12.06.2019 UK – Dublin / Vodoo Lounge
13.06.2019 UK – Glasgow / Audio Glasgow
15.06.2019 UK – Donington / DE74 2RP Castle Donington
16.06.2019 UK – London / The Underground Camden
18.06.2019 LX – Belval / Rockhal 
19.06.2019 DE – Köln / Luxor
20.06.2019 DE – Hamburg / Uebel & Gefährlich
21.06.2019 DK – Kobenhavn / Copenhell Festival 2019
23.03.2019 FR – Clisson / Hellfest Open Air 2019
25.06.2019 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage
26.06.2019 DE – Hannover / Capitol
28.06.2019 FI – Helsinki / Tuska Festival 2019
03.07.2019 FR – Paris / Les Etoiles 61 rue du Chateau d´Eu
04.07.2019 FR – Toulouse / Rue Louis Bonin
06.07.2019 ES – Galicia / Resurrection Fest 2019
07.07.2019 PT – Lisbon / RCA Club
09.07.2019 ES – Sevilla / Sala Even
10.07.2019 ES – Madrid / Nasca Music Live
12.07.2019 ES – Barcelona / Sala Boveda
15.07.2019 IT – Milan / Circolo Magnolia
16.07.2019 IT – Padova / Parco Della Musica
20.07.2019 NL – Eindhoven / Dynamo Metalfest 2019
22.07.2019 SL – Tolmin / MetalDays Festival 2019
24.07.2019 HU – Budapest / Dürer Kert
27.07.2019 PL – Warsaw / klub Stodola Batorego
03.08.2019 DE – Stuttgart / Hanns-Matin-Schleyer-halle
06.08.2019 DE – München / Backstage Werk
07.08.2019 DE – Dresden / Alter Schlachthof
08.08.2019 CZ – Josefov / Brutal Assault 2019
10.08.2019 NL – Leewarden / Into The Grave Festival 2019
11.08.2019 BE – Kortrijk / Alcatraz 2019
16.08.2019 AT – Graz / Metal On The Hill Festival 2019

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