Drekavac release The Ashes Of The Tyrant

Aberdeen’s black metal artists Drekavac have just unleashed their first recording since 2014’s Incipit Demonas Pandorum.

The five track EP, titled The Ashes Of The Tyrant, brings together elements from throughout the history of black metal, from current idioms to classic attitude. In vocalist Hyperion’s own words ‘We’re not interested in rehashing a decades old formula… we’ve moved with the times, but it still has that Black Metal soul of old.’


The Ashes Of The Tyrant is now available to listen to on Bandcamp, where it can also be purchased in both physical and digital formats. The first ten physical copies sold will come signed, and with a special edition poster. Make a visit and indulge in some fire-spewing filth from the North of the British Isles. Genuine blackened attitude.


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