According to witnesses, Northern Scotland’s black metal cult, Drekavac, have ‘taken the harsh, blasted, dark heart of the central (BM) genre and added a twist‘ (Moshville Times). However, they have fully embraced the traditional visual ethos of BM, robing and comporting themselves in full-blown traditional theatrics. Musically, they may represent something slightly askew to the genre’s regular idioms, and bite their thumb at what is expected of them, but much of their weight is put into the original spirit; in vocalist Hyperion’s own words ‘We’re not interested in rehashing a decades old formula… we’ve moved with the times, but it still has that Black Metal soul of old.’

Location: Aberdeen

Hyperion – Vocals

Evangelios – Lead Guitar

Xross – Rhythm guitar

Caorthannach – Bass

Mephistopheles – Drums

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The Ashes Of The Tyrant (EP): Release date TBC 2017

The Hierophant (EP teaser): January 2017

Abomination Of Flesh (album teaser): April 2014

Incipit Demonas Pandorum (Album): April 2014

Litanies Of The Dead (Demo): July 2012.


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