Drumming Up Change – John Badger interview

This year marks the first outing for Drumming Up Change, a fresh initiative to raise support for mental health awareness and the UK homelessness crisis in one big bang. One man has taken the helm on this mission, and we think he (and the causes he is promoting) deserve a big shout from us, so please allow him to introduce himself!  

Photo credit: Laimi Mori

Badger: My name is Chris O’Rourke aka “Badger”. I organised the event, and will be taking part as the drummer for all bands. Outside of this, I am a drummer that’s been on the live circuit since 2006, in various bands over the years such as : Whipcord, RancourDriven Apart, Impavidus , My Wooden Pillow, Forged In The Furnace Of The Sun, Agent47, Scott Beveridge Project and Frozen In Shadows to mention a few. I’m also a promote,r organising an annual event BADGERFEST in Manchester, and I organise local shows throughout Manchester, (too).

So, what is Drumming Up Change?

Badger: Drumming up Change is a Charity (event) in aid of raising money for Mental Health and The Homeless. I am supporting The Big Issue North Manchester & Papyrus Mental Health– Young Person Suicide Prevention. Saturday 16th November 2019 at Rebellion, Manchester

This sounds like a great cause, but surely no-one is crazy enough to play drums in every act on a ten band bill???

Badger: That is correct, 10 bands!!! A few of the bands I have played with before, and some I haven’t. The ones I haven’t, I know the guys very well, and I kindly asked if I could drum for them. Luckily enough,  they agreed to take part, plus (it) means drummers can have the night off. There is also going to be a cover band headlining the event, which will include at least 20 musicians, and will be revealed on the night, playing all your classic rock & metal.

Badger: It is tough to manage it all at the same time, but I just seem to make it work. I have a very understanding partner in that Beth has always known what I was like from when we met, so well she understands my drive & determination to make it a success, even at my own peril!

I will be handling promotions, pushing the just giving page for donations, and getting the songs learned (estimated 70 songs). I have been lucky that lots of people have offered their support whether that’s helping with my drums, feeding me, providing drinks, offering a massage, a lift home, and overall willingness to help.  

It sounds like it will indeed take a lot to cross the finish line, but such passion suggests there may be hope of a repeat event..?

Badger: I will see how this one goes first, and maybe attempt another one in the future, but I reckon this will inspire other musicians to try something similar. This is the first time putting on a charity compared to normal events I have done, so I think it’s important to make it as exciting as possible, give people a reason to come, as this isn’t your normal gig. 


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