Entophyte – End Of Society’s Sanity (album)

Release date: 23rd November 2019||Genre: Thrash||Label: Awakening Records

Taken as an overall, Entophyte are a traditional thrash band, with Angel Witch vocals. That in itself should be enough to get a certain cross-section of metal fans hooked in to this 1992 re-issue, but wait… There’s more.

This lot like to twist things up a little. Right from the start of End Of Society’s Sanity the timings get a bit off-kilter, stemming from the same fertile soil as Slammer’s Idle Hands, or Metallica’s And Justice For All. It delivers some really appealling, progressive riffs. At times it brings pre-Rust In Peace Megadeth to mind, particularly the axe work.

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Why stop there, though? A hint of folk metal here? A whiff of Gary Moore there? Why not introduce a ska/reggae section? These are questions which Entrophyte seem to have answered with a big fat “why not, indeed!!??!” I think this album would maybe have benefited from a touch more experimentation, with some heavier vocals. Just a couple of semi-brutal shout-alongs. It was kind of the way things were going at the time of the original release.

However, with the goalposts set where they are – and they are pretty wide for a unified sound, it has to be said – this is great collection of music. A truly fun spin, especially for a slowly aging metal guitarist.

Grade: A-
Slow Dragon

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