The Twa Tams
East Scotland, riff-addicted music company
79-81 Scott Street, Perth, PH2 8JR United Kingdom ,

Smashed October 2017 (SATT 9)

Oct 6, 2017 @ 8:30 pm  —  Oct 6, 2017 @ 11:45pm

The time has finally arrived – winter is officially coming!

Now, we don’t expect to see amassed hordes of the undead on the move (not until after the shows, at least!), but we’d like to invite you to gather round, keep warm, and indulge n some seasonal riffing!

This Harvest Moon* Madness Smashed will be cracked open by Arbroath’s Ride The Tides. We’re not sure about smokies, but we do know they’ll be bringing a bagload of swaggering heavy rock.

Following up are Satiracy, who we’ve had the pleasure of hosting numerous times, but this the first in Perth. Be Prepared for an onslaught of technical death metallry and melodic diversions!

Heavy yet accessible, our final act of the evening have taken a bit of trek across the Irish Sea to come play for you. Get up close now, because Word That Burn may not stay underground for long!

Don’t be a turkey! Come and get Smashed!

In the ears. With loud noises.

*Look it up, it’s actually quite interesting 🙂

This event is strictly over 18s, and will feature a competition which may involve age restricted prizes (details to follow shortly)

All Smashed shows are sponsored by:

Zero Tolerance Magazine

Heavy Scotland

Myrockout Promotions

Black Metal Brewery

Inkredible Kreations


The Twa Tams

79-81 Scott Street, Perth, PH2 8JR United Kingdom 

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