Final Coil – The World We Left Behind For Others (album)

Release date: 12th April 2019 || Genre: Metal || Label: Wormholedeath Records

It took a while to get around to covering this. In all honesty, I was taking an extensive wander around Suzz Lane, Tech-death Avenue, and Pagan Wynd when it landed. Being utterly unconnected to any of these, it seemed obvious some intensive time needed set aside for the task in hand.

While Final Coil‘s remit is certainly metal related, The World We Left Behind For Others has much more of hard (progressive) rock essence. It is heavy, but it is far from any form of audio extremity. Instantly, I find myself thinking a little of Tool without the twiddly bits. But Layne Staley has stepped up to the mic. The peak vocal harmonies of both abound, and this whole album carries the eerie cargo one might expect from such associations.

Dynamics, however, take the lead role in what is a bleak and empassioned, melancholy dirge. It is packed with soulfulness. There also seems to be an underlying tip of the hat to electronic music, more so in some of the production than the songwriting. Not the thumping aggrotech kind, though. Think about some of the tones in Frontline Assembly’s airy soundscapes. In amongst all the pretty, however, lurks some twisted darkness. As a whole, it’s a very engaging sound, poured out with finesse and aplomb, never rushed, and never less than tonally perfect.

Grade: A-

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