Final Smashed Fest II line-up announced!!!

It has been a longer climb to the summit of the Smashed Fest II line-up than expected, especially with This Is Turin having to pull out, but we are finally on top of it!!!

With three more bands announced today, the bill is complete, and it’s gonna liquidise some skull coverings! We’ve also arranged a “tossers competition” to take place between some of the bands, so keep your eyes peeled for details over the next week and a half.

The first of our final three came in fairly last minute to bring the show up to a full complement. When we saw that another promoter had said they were “too brutal”, we knew Smashed had a home for We Make Mammoths, and their ragged-edged death/thrash metal.

We also love to mix things up between the many forms of heavy music at Smashed, so our next addition shouldn’t surprise too many people. Salt River Shakedown thunder out a crossbreed of Whitesnake and Reef, bringing the hard rock party to town.


Finally, we have mentalist masked marauders, H8teball! We tried to grab these horrors for Hell On Perth last year, but as plans fell through, we’re really happy to have them join us for Smashed Fest II, and put some fear into the Fair City!

This final trio completes the full set, also featuring At Their Mercy, Aphotic, Centrilia, and Fury. As with all the Smashed shows, Smashed Fest is free entry, so all you have to do is gather up your hard rockin’ posse, ride down to riff town, grab a couple of jars and bang your head to some of the greatest bands in the land!

Smashed Fest II event details:

The Twa Tams, Scott Street, Perth, Scotland

Saturday July 27th 2019

Start: 6pm

Ages 18+

Fury, Centrilia, Aphotic, H8teball, Salt River Shakedown, At Their Mercy, and We Make Mammoths

Freebies up for grab, plus “tossers competition”

Sponsored by; Zero Tolerance Magazine, Distorted, Inkredible Kreations, Black Metal Brewery, and Strait Up Studios

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