Foul Body Autopsy – This Machine Kills Zombies (album)

Release date: 24th March 2018 || Genre: Death metal || Label: self-released

This Machine Kills Zombies is the second full length from Leicester based Foul Body Autopsy. This is a fairly diverse project for one man, to say the least. Yes, everything on TMKZ could fit roughly into the overall death metal bracket, but there are many, many nooks and crannies of possibilities explored within.

Self-identifying as ‘blackened death grind’, it is definitely DM which is the most immediately apparent of the three. From straight up, old school, to more current, melodic leanings of the genre, TMKZ runs the gamut. More than that, it delves deep in the bucket of thrash and punk to pull out some riffing gems, most of which are a surprisingly good fit. There are even hints of 70s/80s UK metal. While all of these helped in some small way to shape DM, it’s rare to hear that come through so clearly.

The vocals are the one exception to this approach, rarely straying from that clear yet dry throated rasp employed by the likes of At The Gates.  Another angle to take may be that this is where the main ‘black’ part of their influence is housed. The average extreme metal fan would surely be able to sing along, but not for long before their voice box began to resemble a pot of shredded beef. If I’m to be honest, I’d be happy to hear this aspect of the FBA sound come under the sway of a bit more experimentation.

There’s more than enough to sink your teeth into in terms of songwriting and technical ability here, without either overpowering the other. This is where I find myself struggling to hear the ‘grind’ in the sound. I’ve always thought of the focus in that genre being on melting faces at any cost, and the majority of tracks on this release feel too tuneful (for want of a better word) to fit right in there. It seems maybe more like prog. Either way, this release is well worth a listen. If you like extreme metal vocals and riffs which get stuck in your head.

Grade: B+

Slow Dragon

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