Fusion Bomb – Concrete Jungle (album)

Release date: 25th January 2019 || Genre: Thrash  || Label: Iron Shield Records

Seriously, who still listens to old-school, cross-over thrash? Well, me for one! And not just because I have to review it. I still love it, and I’m 100% sure there are plenty out there who still feel the same. So, with that in mind, I’d like to give a shout out of thanks to bands like fresh Luxembourgers Fusion Bomb, for flying the flag high.

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While Concrete Jungle is taken straight from the curb-grinding playbook of giants Anthrax and Municipal Waste, it is delivered in earnest. The energy just pours out of the speakers. I made the mistake of giving this its first spin through head-phones, but getting it cranked up, and letting it shift some air is really doing it a favour. This album is one of those which is just meant to be played loud, free to shift air. It would actually sound great on vinyl!

This could be partly down to the notable skills of producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Revocation – The Outer Ones, Crowbar – Symmetry In Black, and many more). He seems to have an innate ability to capture the best sonic essence of bands. However, working with artists who really know how to nail a style (again, Revocation/Crowbar) surely helps this along.

If street thrash is something that gets your ears twitching, you can confidently add Fusion Bomb to your “must have” list. An excellent first long-player. Keep a close eye on them, because they have the potential to have boots stomping and necks snapping on the festival circuit in no time. Hopefully the opportunity presents itself.  

Grade: A

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