H8teball – Undead (EP)

Release date: 22nd February 2020 || Genre: Metal|| Label: Self-released

I must admit, my own anticipation of this release was fairly high, but I’m only now getting around to giving it a proper innings. Storms and responsibilities got a little in the way, but somehow, another of life’s curveballs has presented opportunity, and I’m diving in head first. It seems the only way to go.

Complexity doesn’t seem to have been bullet-pointed at the initial H8teball meeting. Or, if it was, it was pretty much overshadowed by ‘caveman hooks’. Large font. Bold. Written in blood and tears. There’s no time wasted on fancy extras. Every instant is travel. As the saying goes, the fastest way to get from A to B is a straight line, and these guys are a bullet train. It could almost be hardcore if it wasn’t so… Metal. Not quite death metal, but it definitely incorporates a lot of that vibe. There are also hints of old school, groove and black metal.

I suspect there has been a conscious effort to bring all extremity together, in an easily relatable package, and, furthermore, you can feel that this is a band made up of members who ingest loud riffs constantly. The passion is tangible, and, for me, that goes a lot further than flash and flair. The heavy focus on tension, writing, and pure energy has truly won me over. It helps that they certainly know how to pull together a very memorable song. The outro in track 2, Unbreakable, even provides a delightful shudder down the spine.

Unfortunately surfacing just before widespread lock-down, this EP is the perfect kickstarter to any real metal party. This lot are the genuine article, and Undead is a fine introduction to their world. It’s far too short, though! I demand an album!

Grade: A+

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