Halloween. Samhain. …Dia de Los Muertos..? Whatever you call it, the ‘creepiest’ seasonal holiday of them all is here! We find it impossible not to connect the dots between the open day for ghosts and goblins of all varieties, and the oft ominous thunder of heavy metal. That’s what originally spawned our (almost) yearly Hell On Perth event. Plus, that tagline was just too good to waste! We’re back at it this year, with a triple threat of suitably horrific acts appearing tomorrow, for the Smashed special at The Twa Tams. We thought we’d ask the bands a little more about their involvement:


A perfect match, our headliners are bringing all sorts of esoteric and otherworldly madness to proceedings. We asked what made them such a fitting choice, and they had this to say: “Firstly, we’re a horror themed band and have a unique, dark image and backstory, that will hugely compliment the show, especially with it being a Halloween feature. In comparison with the vast majority of bands who attempt anything visual / horror like, there is a strong element of realness in what we do, and the props we interact with at each of our live Séances; The Ouija Board is real, and has been used in genuine occult practices by members; the Dybbuk box is real, and was purchased from the dark web. We give our audiences and fans (The Enlightened) so much fucking more than music alone, and what your typical local act brings to a live performance. We’ve worked infinitely harder, and invested more than most bands at this level to shape our product, and we can assure you that we’ll bring the biggest fucking show Hell On Perth has seen.



In the midst of the Maelstrom, escaped KDY lunatics, H8teball, are on the rampage, complete with greasepaint and monkey brains. It seems like riff-maniac Scott Duff can’t wait for them to step back into their most natural of environments: “It’s Halloween every gig for H8teball, but I’d say that’s probably why we do it. Everyone loves dressing up and playing a character at Halloween, and we are no exception. For a day you (can) forget about work, and kids, and bills, and just let the mask of life slip off and have a laugh. For us, Halloween is double the fun, as everyone else is in on the party. It’s great, ’cause it’s the one and only time folk don’t stare at us at the bar after a gig like “WTF???



Photo credit: Scott Swanson Design

Finally, while the freshest of our acts are not usually known for gearing up in costume, they bring sonic terror on their own terms. Mad axeman, Scott Methven describes it thusly: “Noise and chaos, saturated in some kind of buzz-saw soup, that no one seems to be able to easily describe. We’re new, but we’ve all been around the doors with a handful of bands each over the years, and we’ve taken all we’ve learned, and, basically, obliterated it to bring short, sharp bursts of controlled aggression and blackness.

Obviously, being The Fair City’s one and only live, heavy, Halloween show, we want to see everyone get in the spirit, dress up, and take a shot at winning some… well… spirits… The prize will be revealed before kick-off, but you won’t be able to take it until you are ready to face the long, dark journey homewards!

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