Heavy Scotland: M.I.N.D. Battle Of The Bands

By now, many of you will have heard about Heavy Scotland, who will be hosting Arch Enemy, Behemoth, and many more next April first and second. However, they have other plans to get on with before then, namely their Metal Is Not Dead battle of the bands, working in conjunction with Myrockout Promotions, and with the support of Heavier Than Metal radio and purveyors of delicious real ales Black Metal Brewery.

Eight of Scotland’s underground finest will thrash it out for the chance to play the Heavy Scotland fest over two heats and one final, each featuring a guest headliner and after-show party with Keep It Steel at Studio 24. You could also win tickets to the main Heavy Scotland event by taking part in a ‘blow up air guitar’ competition, or walk away with raffle prizes from Hotter Than Hell Tattoo and EMP UK.

Pat from Myrockout has termed it “An epic kick off in 2017 for all metal lovers”, and we tend to agree, especially as it reaches out to fledgling metal bands. Tickets are available in advance from Tickets Scotland at £7 for one night, or £16 for all three, a great deal when on-the-door entry will be £9 per night. Bands play the following dates:

Heat 1: January 28th – Lucifers Corpus, Scumpulse, Damaj, Corrupt The System, and Animator (guest headliner)

Heat 2: February 11th – Ifreann, Satiracy, Blackwork, Runemaster, and Dead Label (guest headliner)

Finals: February 28th – Divine Chaos (guest headliner) and two winners from each heat.


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