Heilung – Futha (album)

Release date: 28th June 2019 || Genre: Pagan || Label: Season Of Mist

The latest big name to start rising through the ranks of pagan music – a genre catapulted into public consciousness by Wardruna featuring on the ever popular Vikings TV show – is Heilung. Whereas the Norwegians slotted perfectly into that dark ages environment, this Danish based clan feels like something far more primeval. While they take their influences from the same period, the results are more tribal. Less civilised. They step yet further away from the modern world we know, and deeper into the realm of nature.

If their debut full-length, Ofnir, was, as it seems, the male aspect of some ancient all-being deity, “Futha is the counterpart, the balance point, the feminine side” the accompanying information informs us. Although it follows, it is most certainly its equal, bringing on the same trance-like sensation, awakening the senses to the elements.

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It’s no wonder this group choose a name which means “healing” in German. It really makes you feel alive. It makes you feel like IT is alive. They have, indeed, gone to great lengths to bring history to life, using recreated ancient instruments and poetry. Even the album title is a multifaceted link to bygone understandings of raw feminine power.

With feral snarls, pounding drums, and prehistoric harmonies – broken up with shadowy, creeping, fireside folktales – this album is rich in character, fully drawing the listener in to one of the most involving releases of it’s kind. There is currently much high quality music in this vein, but this year Futha has scaled the highest peak to deliver its shamanic sermon.

Grade: A+

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