Hell On Perth 2020

It’s that time of year again: Metal, horror, and daft costumes! Hell On Perth is back!!!

This November 1st, we’ve lined up a brutal array of metal to peel your faces off and show them back to you. First up, and stepping in to save a gap in the evening, we have Kirkcaldy’s HXHDRN, who bring together metal, punk, death, black, doom, and more, in a gruesome melange of all things heavy. They’ve not been going long, but they do have live audio available on their Bandcamp page.


Our second squad of monsters are no strangers to our Perth stage, having wreaked havoc at this year’s Smashed Fest II back in July. If you haven’t seen H8teball before, be prepared for masked madness, fat riffs, guttural vocals, and much on-stage clownery.


Which brings us to the closing band of the night, I AƎMÖN from Glasgow. This ‘visual kei’ outfit is the perfect match for your seasonal celebration of heavy music, promising much more than just another gig. Aside from terrifying us with their stage set-up, they also make use of genuine esoteric devices during their performance, such as Dibbuk boxes and Ouija boards.

Obviously, we’re also going to be including a costume competition (for which the prize is yet to be announced), and we’ll be working on more features in the run up to the event. It’s still free entry, like all other Smashed events, and we just need you to get down and party the ass off your metal gig this Halloween season!!!

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