Hordes Of Belial – Nine Lives: Penultimate additions!!!

With four more bands being revealed here, the line-up for this year’s Hordes Of Belial is almost complete! We’ve taken some chances here, mixing well-loved returning artists with high protein fresh meat. As always, our aim is to dig gems out from the dirt of the underground, and we believe we’ve managed that extremely well.

First of all, we’ve added a band we will never tire of hearing, The Starry Wisdom Cult. They might not be the heaviest to grace the Hordes stage over the years, but they sure know how to lay down a riff, and possess musical character in abundance.


Also joining us will be the old school style of Anaxor. Featuring members (current and past) of Dog Tired, Firebrand Super Rock, Man Of The Hour, and The Exploited, this Edinburgh based project offers up classic riffs in spades.


Dundee’s Catalysis will be providing a local interest, featuring some of the city’s best known metal musicians.  Their new formation cranks the heaviness up a notch, adding lead vocals to the duties of bassist Colin MacGregor.


Finally, we have added our second stage opener, Red Calf. Being a young two piece, they unfortunately don’t have any material released as yet, but it is in the works. Expect extreme, technical metal.

Red Calf

That leaves us with just two bands to announce to complete the line-up, and they are both gonna be crushing! Get your tickets now from www.wegottickets.com.


Hordes Of Belial – Nine Lives event details:

Beat Generator Live, 70 N. Lindsay St., Dundee

Saturday September 29th 2018

Doors: 15:25

Ages 14+

Solitary, King Leviathan, Krysthla, Splintered Halo, The Starry Wisdom Cult, Watcher’s Guard, Gordy Jebus (stand up set), Godeater, Catalysis, Anaxor, Red Calf  + 2more TBA

Advance tickets now available for £10 (subject to booking fee) from www.wegottickets.com

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