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Interview by Sponge

It’s the 28th of March 2019, and the atmosphere at the DUSA in Dundee is charged with electricity. Ingested, on the back of their recent success following the release of The Level Above Human (2018), are about to show Dundee what they are all about, on the 2nd date of their freshly commenced headline tour. For this city to play host to such a successful metal entity is a sure boost to the scene, with several local bands (Lashing Out, Grievance, Threshold Sicks, Fractured Perceptions, & Section 9)  lapping up the chance to support the self-proclaimed slam kings from Slamchester. Grabbing a moment between the sonic attack brought by the locals, I managed to free the sovereign Jason Evans from his position as merch overlord to gain some insight to the world of Ingested.

Having seen the band ripping up the stage at Bloodstock festival last year, I was drawn to catch them in support of both Crowbar and Aborted on their recent UK tours. Ingested are no strangers to filling heavy bills, but I felt compelled to find out how this experience lay with the band.

Jason Evans: It was amazing, especially the Crowbar tour! We’d never toured with a band like that before. Every tour we usually do are like death metal tours, so when we got the offer for the Crowbar tour we were like “Oh my God we have to do this!!!” We were pretty scared about it, to be honest. I mean, like, Crowbar are a legendary band! They’ve been going for a long time, and they’re nothing like us at all. So, we were thinking we were going to go down like a bag of shit. We thought Crowbar fans were not going to like us, but you work better when you feel like you’ve got something to prove. So when we ended up doing the shows we went down a storm and that mindset had something to do with that. We were buzzing from the crowd’s reaction. And, well, touring with Aborted and Crytopsy speaks for itself really. A legendary death metal tour, that.

We’ve been really lucky with tours, though it’s not luck, it’s hard work! We’re always on tours, always writing songs, and always playing music. We’ve been going now for almost like 14 years. Our first album is 10 years old this year, so we’re not one of these ‘flash in the pan’ bands. Everything we get we’ve worked fucking hard for.”

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This much is obvious when you look at their body of work, and The Level Above Human (2018) shines as an example, delivering a very mature blend of tension, violence, and beatdowns, that stands above other bands competing in the genre. The question remained – What got them to this milestone?

JE: Trial and error, really. We’re what, 4 albums and 3 EPs in? If you put out that much music, and you haven’t figured it out yet, then there’s something going wrong. I feel we’ve evolved musically, and I know everybody says that, but I truly believe we’ve evolved with every release that we’ve put out, and every tour that we do we evolve as a live band. We put a better show on, we’re tighter, we play better, but, as far as the writing goes, we’ve got to a point now where I feel the issue with slam and deathcore is that you can’t just slam all the time! You can’t just do breakdowns or beatdowns all the time, because, when you do that, there’s no impact when it happens. The whole point of a slam, for me, is that, when it comes in, it’s got this fucking punch to it, and you go ‘SHIT!!!’, because it blows your mind. If you’re doing that constantly, it takes it all away. There’s nothing there.You’re just used to it. Yet another 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 riff. But then, you could take that riff, place it correctly, build up to it right – and it’ll be massive. It’s all about the build-up, composition, teasing a slam just a little bit, and then taking it away and bringing it back later like ‘BOOM!!!’.

I know we’ve self-proclaimed as slam kings, but I do feel we’ve changed the slam game. Our discography speaks for itself. I feel that I’m being real about it, and it’s not arrogance speaking here. I do get bored of straight up slam bands. It’s the same thing for 40 minutes, and then you’re like “Oh, that’s sick!!!” for the first 3 minutes, and then you’re like – “Ok, I’m fed up of that now.” I feel, as a band, that if we haven’t truly changed slam, then we have at least made it better through our influence.

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If you are in doubt, and have never heard of the band before, I would heartily recommend checking out their back catalogue, and I believe you will find that these are by no means hollow statements. And … there are new things on the horizon. Ingested are about to drop another anticipated EP, and I could not resist asking for an outline of things to come.

JE: Well, if you think about The Level Above Human, it’s similar, as in travelling on the same trajectory. As with all our releases, we are constantly moving forward, and it has that same feel; you can tell it’s Ingested. We’re not going to sound like someone else, or try to be completely different. It’s the next step on the ladder. We could just sit there and write Surpassing The Boundaries Of Human Suffering (2009) again, and again every 2 years, but who wants to hear that? We’ve already done it. So, it’s about changing the game. We’re not here to pander to any one style or genre. We’re artists that can do whatever the fuck we want, so that’s what we’re going to do. That’s what we’ve always done, and that’s how we’ll continue.

I’m excited about it. We got the final mix of the EP back last week. I’m super happy. It’s very good. And, if you get the physical copy once released, there might be something special on there for you.

With new music available soon, my whistle was whetted, and I can only imagine what good things lie in store for the band in the year to come. My next question was to explore this future.

JE: Well, we’re going to get this EP out, and we have a lot of tours booked, so we’ll be on tour pretty much all year. We’ll keep smashing it! I would like to get over to Asia and Australia, but maybe not this year as we have such a heavy touring schedule. But maybe early next year, it’s a place we’ve all always wanted go. People seem to want us to go there, and I feel like now is the right time. We’ve got some more European tours, American tours, UK tours and once 2019 is done – Get another album out!

With time running to a close this question was for you, the fans. Old-school and newly converted alike. What is the message from Ingested for you?

JE: I’d like our fans to know that we’re eternally grateful for everything and anything that you do for us. Even when it comes to just listening to our music. I don’t actually mind how you listen – do it for free on YouTube or Spotify or whatever, or if you’re buying either physical or download. The reality is, yeah, if you buy it, you’re helping us out, but even just listening to our music – I’m massively grateful to you for being a fan. Whether you buy our T-shirts or come to our shows. We can’t do what we do without our fans, and we’ll never be able to thank you enough. The only way that we can thank you is by being the most badass death metal band in the world!!! But, all jokes aside, we are truly thankful to every single one of our fans!

And there we have it. A down to earth call out to all readers. Keep an eye on this band, which is ready to erupt at any moment. I will leave you with the mental image of me salivating at the thought of the new release on the horizon, because I will …. BUY THAT SHIT!!!!

Sponge: bassist for Threshold Sicks, qualified musician, sound engineer, producer and eternal rock and metal enthusiast. Beware the hip flask!!!

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