Julian Jenkins – Fury & Smashed Fest II (interview)

With Smashed Fest II rushing up, we’re getting pretty excited about seeing all the bands who will be playing, and we hope you are, too! However, we’re also aware of the fact that we push some pretty underground stuff, so there’s a chance some of you might not be as familiar with these artists as we are. In an attempt to do something about that, we’ve had some words with Fury frontman Julian Jenkins. Please allow him to introduce themselves…

Julian Jenkins: The best (and most complementary) way I’ve ever heard our sound described is “They sound like Metallica playing Iron Maiden”. I think it was Paul McMonnies from Bloodstock radio who said that, but I could be wrong. I think our sound changes from song to song. For me, it’s always been about building an atmosphere with the music that fits, and emphasises whatever the subject matter of the lyrics may be.

Some of the regular Slow Dragon Music team had a recent first hand experience of what Julian is talking about, at HRH Metal in Birmingham earlier this year. The general consensus was that the atmosphere had indeed been built to an impressive new level. A lot of work has clearly gone into development.

JJ: Firstly, thanks! Glad they enjoyed it! It’s no secret we’ve had some line up troubles over the past year or so, so there’s been a lot of treading water whilst finding the (now complete) new line up, and then allowing time for everyone to gel. Figuring out how we all work together, and communicate with one another; it takes time. Now that we’re all working from the same page, the focus is on the next album, we’re most of the way through recording, with pretty much just vocals to go. It’s going to be so good to finally get this album done, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.


JJ: We’re going to be making some announcements very soon, with regards to both the album, and one or two other things. I can say that there are definitely some themes from previous songs that will feature again on the next album, but maybe not in the way you’d expect. The overall theme (artwork, title, etc) is something completely new and different for us, though. I’ll be completely honest, some of the select few people who have seen, and heard some of the new concepts / sounds for this album have been like “Oh, I wasn’t expecting that!” Which I think is great. It’d be the worst thing in the world for people to say you’re new stuff sounds exactly like your older stuff. Don’t worry though, it’s still us; big riffs, vocal hooks at every turn, wailing guitar solos, pounding drums… no DJs or dubstep.

It’s not all about the new stuff for Fury, though. They’ve also hit a milestone with their debut album, leaving them with no more physical copies to sell, and keeping them firmly attached to their roots. It seems there could still be a future for independent bands in hard copy, despite dire predictions.

JJ: Selling out of The Lightning Dream was a great feeling, and a huge personal achievement! 1000 copies is a lot to a small band like us. Coming out in 2014 means it’s averaged 200 sales per year. That’s pretty cool! As for whether physical copies are worth producing, all I can say is our CD (and t-shirt) sales have kept us going. It’s the merch sales that have often put petrol in the car, or helped pay for our next endeavour, so from that perspective, definitely!


JJ: Well, there’s definitely going to be at least one track from all 3 of our albums. Yup, that includes the one that isn’t out yet! We were thinking about throwing a cover in there, too. Either way, we think people will leave with a smile on their face! In the meantime, he says: 6. Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and thanks in advance to everyone coming to Smashed Fest ll. Our new album “__/_____/____” will be out later this year, expect to hear more about it very soon!

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