Krysthla – Worldwide Negative (album)

Release date: 16th August 2019 || Genre: Metal || Label: Plastic Head

The time has come! Worldwide Negative, the third album from the phenomenal Krysthla, is finally ready for release! Equally as twisted and energetic as A War Of Souls And Desires and Peace In Our Time, it doesn’t disappoint. Any of the tracks here could stand shoulder to shoulder with their predecessors. There is some minor shuffling, but this is unmistakably Krysthla, from top tier production to skull-crushing riffs.

One noticeable tweak is the expanded use of clean vocals. Don’t worry, they haven’t gone soft. These parts are infrequent, and nestle neatly somewhere between similar sections from early Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad. Adrian Mayes’ signature roar can still be heard ripping through the majority of the material herein.

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Those of you who caught the video for Zero Sum Game will know exactly the melodic style being referred to, but that track is probably the strongest example. The music also holds up a mirror to this, at times making use of spacious emotion amongst the leaden hailstorm. Again, this is not indicative of some major change in direction, but rather a sparing addition of new features. This is still the ten tonnes of intensity we have come to expect and love.

Continuing their enticingly relentless campaign in consistent style is something this band does very well. This is a process no doubt lubricated by in-house production at Initiate Audio & Media, owned by guitarist Neil Hudson. Showing development without losing touch with the roots of the sound, this album is everything we hoped it would be, and a little more.

Grade: A+ with recognition for completing a hat-trick of world class albums

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