Lares – Towards Nothingness (album)

Release date: 26th June 2020||Genre: black/doom metal||Label: Argonauta Records

Thinks kick off pretty in Towards Nothingness, the new album from Berlin’s Lares, before we descend into a kind of blackened psyche-doom. A little darker than their previous work, it’s perfectly atmospheric, incredibly spacious, and certainly a bit unusual.

The ‘blackened’ part cannot be overstated here. Aside from the eerily sparkling high end of the guitars, the vocals are only BM. At least to my ear. Others may hear more doom, but that’s not the character which washes through my mind. While the doom and psyche elements bulk out the rest of the sound, they never seem to overthrow this side of the band. These are employed as more of a tone, or an ever-present filter. They are completely apparent throughout, but not overly so.

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With an array of simple riffs and swirling effects, the dynamics of build and sway have a strong hand to play. Seemingly, that hand is a colossal one. With huge, textured brush strokes, Lares take their listeners on a long, lonesome flight, through cavernous subterranea and ice-scorched tundra. It really makes you feel something other, and if that’s not of utmost importance in music, I don’t know what is.

The whole of this album is a pleasantly melancholic, but uplifting, entrancing drone. No hyper-technical riffery. Just an expansive, tumbling, majestic wasteland, as far as the eye can see. Like the sound of that? Get stuck in! It is done very well, indeed!

Grade: A
Slow Dragon



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