Luke James – Dog Tired & Hordes X (interview)

Since they have graced about half of the Hordes Of Belial shows over the years, those attending Hordes X should have some idea what to expect from Dog Tired. Just in case though, guitarist, Luke James, is here to tell you what they’re all about.

Luke James: Unrelenting riffs that will devour your essence and being! Straight up heavy metal that all can enjoy. We have just released our new album The Electric Abyss, and cannot wait to show folks the new tunes live. We have always prided ourselves on our energetic, engaging live show, and this time we plan to go even further with it. Even though we have been given the opportunity to play Hordes a number of times, we plan on this being our most ferocious performance at Hordes yet.

So, there’s even more for the band to celebrate, having just launched their fourth album. And a new Dog Tired album is always a moment in time.

LJ: The new album is definitely our most brutal, intricate, and dynamic release to date, and we are happy it is getting great reviews, and excellent responses from fans. For us, all the hard work and care that went into this, it is great to see that others really dig what we have created. It was Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jamie Gilchrist. To us Jamie was definitely the best person to help us create this album, and the final product is exactly the vision we had in our heads when we started writing. As for aims, our main goal has always been to create something we would love to hear from a band. Merging all our favourite influences into something that has become our signature sound. Looking forward, we hope this new release progresses Dog Tired to gaining shows further afield, and some potential festival slots in the future.

It’s sure to garner fresh attention, as they have certainly thrown out some new approaches. For example, in the video for Dagoth’s Nine, Luke does a lot of the vocals.

LJ: I’ve always been a singer in other bands, and have been a constant in writing lyrics and singing backing vocals in Dog Tired. This time, we have went for the 2 singer approach. Chris and my vocal styles are different ends of the metal voice spectrum, and work extremely well together on this new release. There are many dual vocal parts on the album, with Chris or me solo for parts that we thought would suit our vocal styles better. It is definitely a force to be reckoned with live!


LJ: The album launch was the start of a 15 date tour over the UK and The Netherlands. Next year we have a few tours in the pipeline, including Ireland, the UK, and potentially further afield. This short tour is just the start. We are aiming for global domination (if we can get the days off work). Dog Tired are well and truly back!

It really sounds like an exciting period in the story of this band, so for it to fall in line with our tenth Hordes is a fantastic opportunity. It simply couldn’t be missed. Seemingly, the band feel the same.

LJ: We plan Hordes X to be our most explosive performance yet. It’s an honour to have been asked to play multiple times, and we want this one to be legendary. It’s already legendary it being the 10th year! Expect a bunch of tunes from the new album, with a couple classics dropped in for good measure. Wall to wall Riffs. Expect more tour dates and a new video in the coming months from Dog Tired. Also, if you haven’t checked out the new album, DO IT NOW! See you at Hordes X!

Venue: Beat Generator Live, North Lindsay St., Dundee
Artists: Krysthla, Bloodyard, Dog Tired, Ramage Inc., Threshold Sicks, Seed Of Sorrow, Dominicide, The Starry Wisdom Cult, Evil Blood, Catalysis,Volcano X, Darkness Divine, Melted Messiah
Promoter: Slow Dragon Music
Doors: 3:20pm
Entry: £10 (no booking fee)
Ages: 14+
Tickets available from wegottickets
Tee shirts by pre-order only! For pick up at event! Email 

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Promoter: Goddamned Promotions
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Ages: 18+
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Artists: Krysthla, Seed Of Sorrow
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