Master’s Call – Morbid Black Trinity (EP)

Release date: 25th January 2019 || Genre: Black metal|| Label: Self-released

Scales Of Justice: Guest Reviewer Violent Witness

Having floated around the UK metal scene for almost a decade, you’d think I’d be much more familiar with the deciphering of the lyrics by now. This black metal offering from Master’s Call is a blistering start to my time at Slow Dragon.

First off, there’s Once Beneath The Cursed. It’s a brilliantly put together opener, with rock solid blastbeats keeping it all in time. The screaming guitar throughout is reminiscent of many a night spent in local metal bars soaking up the latest sets.

Next up is The Spire Cranes. This one’s a fair bit faster, only slowing down momentarily to showcase more guitar work in the middle. This one finishes on an imperfect cadence, leaving me hungry for more. The church bells at the end also add an air of ethereal mystery.

The final track on Morbid Black Trinity is My Eyes Are The Night. This one’s got an almost melodic quality to it, with catchy opening riffs and lightning fast solo sections.

The EP’s artwork was designed and produced by the band members themselves and features the skeletal remains of three people around a fire, each one representing a song. These are described by the band as “deformed by the surrounding madness and corruption of the spirit, faith and the flesh”. Dark stuff indeed.

All in all, this is a great piece of work from Master’s Call and a well worthy addition to anyone’s blackened death metal collection. If only I knew what they were singing about.

Grade: B+

Violent Witness is an enthusiast for all things punk and metal. An ecclectic at heart, they are always up for losing themself in a therapeutic mosh.

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