Medico Peste – ב :The Black Bile (album)

Release date: 20th March 2020||Genre: Black metal ||Label: Season Of Mist

It might have taken eight years, but the second full length from Medico Peste is here! ב :The Black Bile is some pretty unhinged stuff. A black metal bad trip. In a good way. While it bears the trademarks of current Polish BM, the seemingly drug-fuelled lunacy herein is a creature unto itself.

With most of their current members having served time in Mgła’s live line-up, you can be guaranteed a certain calibre in this band. However, where the above mentioned act lurches from riff to riff with a sort of frenzied intensity, MP have indulged in more of a twitching, trans-inducing repetition. Les Claypool flavoured track, Numinous Catastrophe displays this amply, as well as being a personal high point.

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That doesn’t mean it’s boring, by a long shot. The riffs themselves are unique enough to carry the idiom effortlessly. The semi-droning nature, though, does do a bit of genre bending into psyche-doom territory, which the trve cvlt may find uncomfortable. Metal, however, is meant to do that, I believe, and managing to combine greater accessibility with breaking from the ‘extreme’ norm is getting chalked up as big win.

In the midst of a pandemic, plague based extreme metal might not seem in the best taste. For me, it is exactly the salve to soothe the encroaching madness. Music is so important to some, that it would feel ridiculous to say new works should not be presented, especially with quality and freshness. ב TBB firmly ticks both of those boxes.

Grade: A+ and a certificate for institutionalisation

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