Megatherium – God (album)

Release date: 10th April 2020||Genre: Doom||Label: Argonauta Records

There’s something about the combination of sunshine and sprawling doom which just hits the spot. They complement each other so well. That makes this the perfect time to dig into reviewing Megatherium‘s latest platter, God. Let immediate zoning out commence, as the throat-singing intro to opener, Generate, splatters the senses in psychotropic waves.

The music proper begins after stepping through that gateway track, and is much more guitar oriented. From the first note, it’s easy to tell this is a more developed band than on predecessor, Superbeast; slower, deeper, and less predictable. The production may help with that, but it also takes away from the debut sound’s claustrophobic suzz, which is a big feature in much of this style of doom. They vocals are similarly tidied up, and pushed to the forefront. It certainly sounds more professional, but some may miss the filth.

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Many of the riffs here seem touched by the harmonic sludge sensibilities of Crowbar and their ilk. That is a huge tick from me! Melodically monolithic is hard to pull off, but well worth it for the listener once achieved. This isn’t Southern US sludge, though. It’s doom. Well, stoner doom, as the label says. Yet, it comes with a European harsh-ness, and, more so on this second album, a healthy wedge of prog feel.

I find this a step up from previous efforts, but I would really love it if they followed the trajectory of development, and further stretched the new angles investigated. A great album, which promises more is within these Italians, waiting to get out.

Grade: B+

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