Review: My Silent Wake – Invitation To Imperfection (Album)

Release date: 20th March 2017 || Genre: Doomed Dark Ambient || Label: Opa Loka

My Silent Wake have long been known for their gothic doom, but on latest release, Invitation To Imperfection, they have spiraled off into realms somewhat removed. For the main part consisting of cleverly sculpted soundscapes, it shares more in common with Wardruna’s folk eeriness than the ilk of My Dying Bride. True, previous works have seen My Silent Wake investigate the possibilities of atmospheric and folk based characters, and 2014’s Eye Of The Needle is a great example of how far they are capable of following this trajectory. However, they have never before dredged the murky waters so deeply as they do on Invitation…, which is, by no real means, a metal sounding album in any way shape or form.

The unique, emotional essence of this release is all encompassing, and takes the listener away to different place. It would be absolutely perfect as a soundtrack to a stark and terrifying new TV box set to binge on, too. Smokey and trance-inducing, this is lonely and cold, yet beautiful with it. The only drawback from a personal standpoint is that harpsichords, which do make an appearance as a feature instrument on one track here-in, have never done it for me in any serious way. Thankfully, they do not carry throughout, and the piece where they do appear is imperial and menacing, rather than comical.

Regardless of genre, this is one of 2017’s best musical releases so far, by merit of epic production, fantastic creativity, and a simple ‘ingredient x’ which is hard to pin down. Everyone should give this a shot.

P.S. Seriously, someone please draft this band in for soundtrack work!


Grade: A

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