Necronomicon – Unus (album)

Release date: 18th October 2019 || Genre: Blackened death metal || Label: Season Of Mist

This Montreal based, orchestral, blackened death metal band have nailed it with their latest album, Unus. Despite forming in the late 1980s, their first full length didn’t arrive until 1999, making this a 29th anniversary landmark, and it couldn’t been a much more fitting monument. The balance between metal instrumentation and experimental sounds is seamless. This is, quite blatantly, the resulting work of artists who know exactly what they are going for, and how to achieve it.

There is definitely a passing similarity to Septicflesh, but it is worth noting that Necronomicon actually came to life two years earlier than the aforementioned legends. There is also a wider palette to their sound, more open and diverse. They are perfectly willing to thunder out a punk-tinged, knuckle-dragger of a riff, when it is of benefit to the song. Second last number, Cursed MMXIX submerges itself in this primordial DM approach entirely. This makes way for closing track, Vox Draconis, an all-rounder, collating the spectrum of the album as a whole.

Unus is an incredibly well put together release, displaying, with concise surety, the veteran pedigree of these Canadians. It is precise. It is creative. Perhaps most notably, though, it is gargantuan and engaging. One of the lesser heard of bands in this cross-genre style, Necronomicon deserve much more attention, and, with this release, should earn themselves a place in the book of dead names.

Grade: A

Slow Dragon


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