No Raza – Transcending Material Sins (album)

Release date: 20th March 2020||Genre: Death metal||Label: Nobel Demon

No Raza have nailed it! This album is absolutely huge! It’s just riff, after riff, after riff! All of it presented with well-crafted authenticity, and crushing enthusiasm. This is their fourth, and could be said best, full-length, and it is right up there.

From shuddering grooves, to sombre acoustic guitar, and closing with bombastic brass, the whole affair is held together in bullet-proof death metal style. Sometimes melodic, and occasionally awash with thrash flailings, it’s almost impossible to stop listening. It’s not overtly technical. However, it is tight, and when the pace picks up you get utterly hammered.

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Even slower passages (see AtriciĆ³n) are swamped with malevolent intention, and you feel you’ve been dredged down to the depths. Fleeting comparisons are possible, but wholly unnecessary. The vocals are unsurprising, but landed expertly. The guitars, though, are irresistable to me. Taking the time to merge crawling chugs and sharp stabs has really paid off, as each song swirls along. The leads are equally well thought out, and never overused. The drummer is also a total machine! Playing as he does would kill mere mortals.

Death metal fans, behold! This is some gold standard material, taking cues from all eras. Transcending Material Sins is a little bit of a step up from previous works, and, although they have released quality music in the past, this beats it all for me.

Grade: A+ (and a tombstone for grave-ity)
Slow Dragon

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