Outright Resistance – Cargo Cult

Release date: 01st March 2019 || Genre: Metal || Label: Self-released

Just over a year ago, Hertfordshire’s Outright Resistance went through a personnel change, to varied reception. Their upcoming album, Cargo Cult, is the audible result of that change. There isn’t a lot of historical information to go on, as they only released a handful of demos and EPs prior to this. However, judging by what can be scraped from the internet, there is no radical alteration to OR’s root sound. It seems very much like a natural point of progression. It’s unlikely that anyone could be shocked that this is the same band.

One of the shifts which are noticeable is kind of upgrade to the production – again, something one would expect to find as an artist puts out more and more releases. Everything sounds that bit slicker and more polished. There are some songwriting choices to match that, but it’s more the case that they slot into OR, rather than redefine it. Turn-of-the-century melodic sensibilities and bass heavy funk riffs still merge into thundering, driven brutality. They are simply joined, at times, by something a little more indulgent, ponderous, and, I think, accessible. There’s more Jamey Jasta now than George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

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That’s not to say any heaviness or intensity has been lost in the process. In fact, the opposite is quite possibly the case. The energy that was lurking on past recordings, and could be clearly sensed from live videos, seems to have been set free. There was a slightly more earthy sensation before which has been toned down, but if that’s what it took to bring the professionalism to the level it is at on Cargo Cult, it will likely do them favours in getting their feet further up the proverbial ladder.

Grade B+

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