Perpetua and Drekavac provide fresh meat for Hordes Of Belial

Tapping both ends of the Scottish metal pool, the newest line-up update further fleshes out The Burning H8’s diverse heaviness.

From the Northern reaches, we see the return of black metallers Drekavac. Previously staining the Hordes Of Belial stage with their full-on BM appearance, they have since moved on to new members and a new release in EP The Ashes Of The Tyrant, which has inspired the descriptions ‘scorched earth savagery’ (No Clean Singing), ‘deliciously dark’ (Soundscape Magazine), and ‘maelstroms of fiery trem riffing’ (Encyclopedia Metallum – The Metal Archives)


Perpetua bring a more contemporary flavour to the trough, with a blend of turn-of-the-century hardcore metal and Euro-merican melodeath. Recently snapped up by the fantastic Enso Music Management, these SAMA award winners have also released the single Age Of Collapse, which Terrorizer magazine called ‘blistering powerhouse of riffs and groove.”

The bill is now almost complete, with just two more bands to announce, so expect to see competitions and t-shirt pre-orders appearing very soon. In the meantime, please get stuck into checking out all the bands who will be playing. We really do put our all into pulling together some of the best on the underground every year, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love!

Hordes Of Belial – The Burning H8 event details:

Beat Generator Live, 70 N. Lindsay St., Dundee

Saturday September 30th 2017

Doors: TBC

Ages 14+

Virus, Dog Tired, Damaj, Overoth, Rabid Bitch Of The North, Drekavac, Perpetua, Catalysis, Drive By Killer, Somaesthesia, Multistorey Lover

Advance tickets now £10 from

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