Putrified J – The Deep End Of Horror (EP)

Release date: 28th June 2019 || Genre: Brutal death metal || Label: Comatose Music

The Deep End Of Horror is a recording with a simple mission: absolute violence. The themes and lyrics are very much based around the apocalyptic drive to self-destruction present in human existence. Even the title itself tells you, perfectly, what to expect. This is a forced dive-bomb into a carnal sludge pit of gut-gurgling annihilation. There’s no getting out of it. You are in over your head.

This does lead to a little of a “one trick pony” culmination. However, if that pony’s one trick is growling demonically through a once-grand metropolis, savaging passersby in half along the way, well, there isn’t much for brutal death metal fans to complain about. Clarity in vocal delivery isn’t always what it’s about in this genre, but I do find myself wishing I could make out what is being said on TDEOH. I want to feel more involved in the stories, because this genuinely feels like a promising cult horror film. I’d love to read the full script.

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Putrified J is certainly a pure project. There is no dabbling in other forms of metal. It is one hundred percent death, death, death, and of the most unforgiving kind. It always amazes me that one person can be largely responsible for a cohesive, professional sound. Main contributor, Jason Lambert, has done done this over the last ten years, though, and the plethora of collaborators through whom he has carved his way seem to do nothing to deter him from his path.

While this particular branch of DM doesn’t reside at the top of my own personal tree (largely down to vocal style), it is easy to see the quality and value for what it is. There are many who adore that inhuman, sub-vox grunting approach, often employed by the likes of Disgorge or Deeds Of Flesh, and for them this should be a treat.

Grade: B

Slow Dragon

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